Brainpower is known for its capability to build long-term professional relationships with clients and candidates based on mutual trust, respect, integrity, commitment, and confidentiality. We contribute to our clients' business by providing high-quality executive search, management selection, and HR consultancy services. 

We share many strong values with our business partners, including a commitment to Russia and CIS, a comprehensive human resources strategy, an anti-corruption policy, and more.  

We follow a strict set of business ethics when working with our clients. We do not compromise on the following:

-  We do not sell CVs
-  We consult on the best strategy for covering the job functions within the organization structure and strategic goals of our clients

-  We never approach our clients’ employees
-  Our clients have exclusivity on the short-listed candidates until they inform us that they are no longer interested in these candidates
-  We respect strict confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information provided by clients and candidates