The questions you may ask at an interview are as important as those you must be prepared to answer, and are part of the two-way interview process.

The questions you may ask help you to learn more about the organization and create further opportunities to sell yourself. Some interviewers will be more impressed by questions which enable them to talk than by your answers to their questions.

Here is a selection of the questions that you could ask, depending on the circumstances:


  • How does your company rate in the market?
  • What sort of rate growth has the company been achieving?
  • What are your company's development plans for the future?
  • What are your main concerns at present?
  • How is your company dealing with the problem(s) of.............? (something you may have discovered from your research of the company/industry)


  • What results will I be expected to achieve?
  • What are the immediate tasks that need to be done?
  • What particular problems would I have to deal with?
  • Can you describe my area of responsibility?
  • To whom would I report?
  • How this position fit into the company organizational chart?
  • Is this position a new one or an existing one?
  • What happened to the previous job holder?
  • Why are you filling this position with an outsider?
  • Whom will I be working with? What are their backgrounds?
  • Can you describe the staff that will be reporting to me?
  • What is the normal workload of the department?
  • Is the department a successful part of the company or a trouble spot?
  • Does the department have an established budget? If not, how am I funded?
  • What percentage of my time will be spent traveling?
  • How do you see the successful candidate's progression within the company?
  • How will the successful candidate be introduced to the company's policies and procedures? Is there an orientation/training program for new hires? Will the person now filling this position be able to work with me and train me the first week(s)?


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Brainpower CIS.

Be sure to call your recruitment consultant after the interview to give your feedback.

We wish you Good Luck !