Our belief:

After years of substantial growth, followed by the harsh economic downturn, organizations are now entering the era of sustainable qualitative development. While struggling for market share and better financial results, they have to invent new ways to reach business performance. At Brainpower-BPI group, we believe success depends greatly on how well business leaders can focus simultaneously on:

  • Boosting both organizational effectiveness and individual performance
  • Investing sustainable efforts in talent development
  • Developing team dynamics based on good managerial practices

We believe that, in today’s market place, focusing on human capital will make the difference more than ever. We believe that, to produce tangible results, HR related strategies, processes and technology have to be supported at every level by exemplary behaviors, systematic feedback practices, and regular benchmarks. We believe positive changes can happen and successfully impact the bottom line when the hearts and minds of people are engaged.

What’s your plan to succeed in today’s emerging and dynamic market place?

Situation   Challenges   Solutions
  • Business performance challenges
  • Structural changes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Improve organization effectiveness
  • Align retention & reward strategies
  • Adapt resources/reduce costs
  • Leverage most valuable talent
  • Develop managerial performance
  • HR Function Review
  • Benchmarks & Surveys
  • Career Management programs
  • Assessment solutions
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development programs






Our Solutions:

Our HR Services help you to develop the value of your business by improving organization effectiveness and getting the best from people. Based on the expert knowledge of BPI group, our pragmatic solutions typically include:

consulting services HR function Review Assessment solutions Surveys Executive Coaching Leadership Development

  • HR Function Review: Analyze and align HR strategies, processes and practices against company business needs and market standards.
    more about HR Function Review >>
  • Surveys: Benchmark, diagnose and align attraction, engagement, and retention strategies through targeted tailor-made market or in-house Surveys, to provide realistic picture and support strategic decision making.
    more about Salary Surveys >>
  • Assessment Solutions: Evaluate individual’s professional behaviors, managerial skills, personality attributes, motivational drivers, to ground talent management decisions on comprehensive and objective arguments.
    more about Assessment Solutions >>
  • Executive Coaching: Develop individual capabilities and performance of top managers, through a structured, pragmatic, and innovative approach.
    more about Executive Coaching >>
  • Leadership Development: Enhance managerial skills and team dynamics, with the program “Working Collaboratively”, focusing managers on cross functional communication and decision making.
    more about Leadership Development >>


If you have questions regarding our HR Consulting Services, please contact:

Caroline Calliaerde